“I’ve been working with Ubuntu and Garnet since 2012 and over the years have added many products and services via St. James’s Place, so it’s worked out really well. Garnet is a really good ambassador for what he does. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience.”

Chris Webb

Managing Director, Nexus Point


Chris came to us with a growing business and the need to step back and think about how he could protect himself and his family financially through insurances, investments or estate planning.


We helped Chris set up a life insurance policy to pay off his family home. From there, we ensured his estate was properly planned for, as well as securing the future of his company with a business will.


As a result of our advice, Chris can now rest easy knowing that his estate is in order and the property insurances in place, protecting the finances of his family and business should the worst happen.

What We Did to help


With a growing business and a family, one of the first things Chris wanted to ensure was that the family home was safe for him and his family to enjoy. To achieve this, we set up a life insurance policy that would cover the mortgage should the worst happen. 

This gave him complete reassurance that his home is secure and can remain within the family for many generations to come.

Estate Planning

Protecting his family was of paramount importance to Chris. He wanted to make sure that the financial futures of his partner and children would be secure. To help with this, we set up estate planning solutions designed to protect his assets so they can be passed to the next generation.

As a result of our expert advice, Chris can now rest easy, safe in the knowledge that his finances are all in order and the future of his family is protected.

Business Wills

As Chris’ business was growing, he recognised the need to protect the future of his enterprise. We helped set up a Business Will to ensure that, if the worst case scenario does happen, there are mechanisms and protections in place to ensure his company is able to carry on running. 

Setting up the Business Will gave Chris peace of mind that the future of his business is secure and the hard work he put into his enterprise will enable it to continue for years to come.

The advice provided to Chris Webb was given after a full evaluation of his specific needs, circumstances and requirments. The solutions provided would not be suitable for all clients and the information provided does not consistute advice.